Selecting Various Types of Flooring for your Home

Perhaps you’re planning to upgrade your home but can’t just figure out the best flooring for your house, that’s alright! Just what does a great flooring mean? Well, this depends on several factors. First, you’ve got to invest in flooring that best fits in your budget. Secondly, the location on which you intend to install flooring affects the choice on the floor to be used. Most importantly, you’ll want to invest in a floor that feels and looks just right! Here are a few flooring tips for an awe-inspiring home.

Hardwood Flooring
Solid wood is perhaps the most common type of flooring in America for decades. Besides being the simplest type of flooring one can invest in, you can opt to either invest in finished or unfinished. Wood flooring features great look and style not to mention complimenting with any home décor.

What’s more, the flooring is long-lasting, fairly easy to clean, and suitable when it comes to DIY projects. Wood flooring is best for rooms with less traffic such as bedrooms, halls, and living rooms.

Engineered Wood Flooring
While engineered flooring appears more like the solid wood flooring, they are made specially. This flooring features a thin veneer of natural wood at the top. However, it shows the grain while it is made of less expensive plywood layers underneath. Engineered wood works well with the spaces similar to that of solid wood.

Ceramic Tile Flooring
For quite a while now, more households are investing in ceramic tiles for their flooring. Among the main types of ceramic flooring include glazed, porcelain, quarry, and terracotta. Tiles come in a wide array of colors and shapes to choose from. Ceramic flooring is best for high-traffic spaces such as kitchen and wet rooms such as baths and laundry rooms.